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Arsenal vs. Man City: a Sizzling Semi!

Arsenal vs. Man City: a Sizzling Semi!


‘Hot town, Gunners in the City. Double-down Pep backin’ Serg’ and San-é…
Ars-ene, isn’t it a pity. Doesn’t seem to be a contract for ya lately…’

It’s not quite Summer in the City, but the heat is on at Wembley this Sunday!

The Gunners are in a tight spot, European dreams fading fast. They could at least confirm Europa by winning the FA Cup. What stands in their way? A resurgent Man City, who aren’t exactly sure of their Top Four footing either. Yikes.

Both defences are as backed up as a Trump tweet, so betting on over 4.5 total goals is tempting at 59/20. Agüero is purring too: he now has more City goals than Drogba managed in his entire career at Chelsea, in 135 fewer games.

But don’t roll out the steamroller just yet. With his smart finish in midweek, Mesut Ozil could be rousing from mid-season hibernation: to score at anytime (no rush Mesut), he’s at 15/4.

Speaking of resurrection, how about Vincent Kompany? Any of his thundering headers hit the back of the net and we’ll pay at 11/1. No odds on his chest-thumping, badge-kissing, injury-jinxing celebrations though, as they’re a sure thing.

For the neutral, here’s a tempting one – anyone banging in an early goal (1-15minutes in) is at 9/5. Players will surely be chomping at the bit under Wembley’s arch.

So, will Arsenal finally pay attention to AFTV and wear the shirt with passion (fam)? Or will City capitalise on their indifference? At least you can be decisive – deposit now!


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