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McGregor v Mayweather – The Best of Social Media

McGregor v Mayweather – The Best of Social Media


It is nearly time for the money fight to be settled despite many thinking it would not happen and that it was just a publicity stunt. Although the fight may represent something of an exhibition clash and just a way for both fighters to make themselves even richer, you can certainly bet that when the punches land, they will be for real.

Social media is where a lot of the fight build up has been played out as we look at some of the best social media posts from the very start of the two-illustrious fighter’s relationship.

“If I fought Floyd, I would kill him in less than 30 seconds,”

We have Social media to thank for the very existence of this fight after McGregor started taking swipes at Mayweather by saying “If I fought Floyd, I would kill him in less than 30 seconds, “ as early as 2015.

The comment from McGregor and the undefeated champs representatives quick wits to sniff out a money-making opportunity when they see one is the reason both fighters are set to make well into the $100 million’s for one fight. The biggest in history despite having no title belt on the line.

McGregor mocks Mayweather’s age

Once the ‘Money Fight’ had been confirmed, both fighters took to social media to announce that the ‘Fight is on’, nothing unusual about that, however, it was McGregor’s Instagram post that hilariously poked fun at Mayweather’s age.

It is well known that American boxer Floyd Mayweather hit 40 in February and with McGregor only 29, the Irishman saw the perfect opportunity to goad his opponent by posting a picture of himself and Mayweather’s 64-year-old father when announcing the fight.

Mayweather McGregor par on Instagram over glove size

One of the more memorable social media encounters was over what glove size the pair should box with, Mayweather got things underway and went on Instagram to suggest the duo compete at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in eight-ounce gloves instead of 10.

The fight between the pair will be contested at a weight of 154 pounds which normally carries a glove size of 10 ounces.

McGregor responded by claiming he doesn’t give a f@#& what glove size they fight with, as in MMA the gloves are 4oz’s.

Shortly after, the Nevada Athletic Commission okayed the fight to be fought with 8oz gloves as opposed to the standard 10oz.

Nate Diaz trolls McGregor

In March last year, MMA fighter Nate Diaz forced McGregor to submit during their fight at UFC 196, That defeat was the biggest blemish on an otherwise impressive MMA career.

Upon hearing about the Mayweather fight, Diaz took to Instagram to post a picture of himself having defeated McGregor with his arms aloft with Diaz keen to remind everyone about McGregors loss.

Fight night is nearly upon us and Mayweather is unsurprisingly the favorite for the fight at 1/4 with us. However, McGregor is an unknown quantity in the ring and can be backed at 16/5 to defeat the so far undefeated Mayweather and cause one hell of an upset.



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