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The Premier League: Final Reckoning

So, it all comes down to this. Teams toeing the start line for the final sprint. Only 7 places set in stone. The other 13 up for grabs. Who’ll be the movers and shakers? The map of the battleground lies before you sire, see the club-crested game pieces? Let’s push them around the table with […]

The Great Fox Hunt: Leicester vs Tottenham

Room for a small one? It’s the last game before the Premier League’s big finish on Sunday. In a Thursday-shaped-space usually reserved for the Europa League, two of the most talked about teams of the last two seasons tee off. Spurs must be wondering what it takes for them to win a title. They’ve been […]

Playing for Pride: Southampton vs. Manchester United

The limelight may lie elsewhere, but try telling that to Man U this midweek. Mourinho has gambled his team’s entire season (and likely his job security) on the Europa League. This leaves the awkward-affair-cum-PR-nightmare of finishing off the league season. They’re not doing a great job thus far, having not won any of their last […]

Battle of the Blues: Man City vs Leicester

Guardiola seems to have Pepped up Man City. After an indifferent mid-season, the boys in light blue are firing on all cylinders for the home straight. They smashed Crystal Palace to smithereens last week, due in no small part to the sustained return of talismanic captain Vincent Kompany. This season’s City are no sure-thing though, […]

The Final Dice Throw: Spurs vs Man United

Be warned: these blokes could get totes emosh. For starters, it looks like Spurs’ second title challenge in as many seasons will end in heartbreak. But here’s the real feels: Saturday is the last time Spurs will play at White Hart Lane. Ever. Ready the waterworks…. The prospect of Wembley home games next season might […]

NLD, No-Holds-Barred: Spurs vs. Arsenal

How’s this for a Premier League primordial soup: – 1x Title Run, 1x Champions League Chase – 1x All-time-Record on the Line – 1x Manager’s Job (grilled within an inch of life) – 2x Teams’ Pride (at stake) Add the Derby-Day/Armageddon atmosphere to season the mix, and this explosive brew packs quite a punch… Arsenal’s […]

Koeman’s Kingmakers: Everton vs. Chelsea

There’s not many teams that can stop Chelsea now. The Saints came marching in to Stamford Bridge midweek and left with tails between their legs. Conte’s compadres look to make Goodison the next step on a title-winning victory lap. After all, the Toffees were chewed up 5-0 in the reverse fixture. But heavy lies the […]

Chelsea vs. Spurs: Game of the Season?

It’s easy to overstate the importance of most matches. But Saturday’s FA Cup Semi bears no bounds of exaggeration. It has all the hallmarks of a season-defining, psychologically-shattering showdown. These two teams are embroiled in an epic battle atop the Premier League peak. If Spurs are underdog Gandalf, then Chelsea are the hulking Balrog. Who […]

Arsenal vs. Man City: a Sizzling Semi!

‘Hot town, Gunners in the City. Double-down Pep backin’ Serg’ and San-é… Ars-ene, isn’t it a pity. Doesn’t seem to be a contract for ya lately…’ It’s not quite Summer in the City, but the heat is on at Wembley this Sunday! The Gunners are in a tight spot, European dreams fading fast. They could […]

Champions League Triple Threat

With an unexpected extra match to squeeze in tonight, the stage is set for an awesome array of high-octane stand-offs. First up, Dortmund vs. Monaco. Events yesterday will surely have taken their toll on the Dortmund team. One of the only certainties left in this increasingly crazy world is the committed crowd at the Westfalenstadion, […]