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Online Cricket Betting In India

More than 400 million Indians tuning in to watch when the national side play. The love of the sport has turned cricket into a multi-billion dollar industry. With cricket superstars and celebrity endorsements, Indians live and breathe this magical sport.

Cricket Betting

This article will discuss all things cricket and online cricket betting. We’ll cover the different types of cricket betting to help you decide which kind of bets suit you best. In addition, a brief background to test matches and the Cricket World Cup (for men and women) will provide some interesting insights and a little of the history of this great game.

We’ll take a quick look at the Indian Cricket Team and touch upon some of the main cricket leagues. This guide will also give you some top cricket betting tips about how to bet on cricket and maximise your winning chances.

Live Cricket Score

First we have the number of runs scored but we also have the number of wickets lost at that time. In most of the world (apart from Australia), this is expressed as runs/wickets e.g. 200/3. A key consideration when checking live cricket scores is that as the match is in progress, the current score will indicate the current innings. Scores are expressed for the first innings and second innings separately. The final score expresses the winning margin that includes the number of wickets taken e.g. England 300 and 200, India 350 and 147/2. India won by 8 wickets.

Understanding the most important statistics of the match helps when making bets. The main statistics to consider are: which teams are playing, where, when and in what series, who won the toss, scores at close of play each day, total score for the batting side and the number of wickets taken. Two different scorers, as required by the laws of cricket, with one scorer provided by each team, record these scores. The job of the scorer does not overlap with that of the umpire; the scorer’s job is to focus on recording the score. Scoring is usually computerised in order to meet the demands of online media and for sportsbooks, who require real-time score information.

Indian Premier League

When it comes to Indian Cricket, nothing compares to the IPL. It may only have been founded in 2008, but the Indian Premier League is the most-attended cricket league in the world. Not only does it provide fans with action-packed entertainment, but it also generates hundreds of millions for the booming Indian economy.

From the eight-team round robin stage to the final playoffs, you’ll be able to wager on all of the games at ComeOn! Not only will you be able to bet on all of the top teams during all 60 matches, but you’ll be able to claim our welcome bonus, too. When the Indian Premier League is in full swing, there are often extra cricket betting promotions to take advantage of.

What Is the Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League is ta professional Twenty20 Indian cricket league. It takes place between March and May each year. Eight teams from across India participate, with the winners being declared kings of Indian cricket for that year.

The IPL consists of two stages. The first is a round-robin stage which all eight teams participate in, playing each other twice in home and away fixtures. After these matches, the top four teams enter the playoffs. The top two teams then face off, with the winner proceeding to the final and the loser getting a second-chance against the winner of the third and fourth-placed teams. This way, the third or fourth-placed team could enter the final and eventually become IPL champions.

Who Plays in the Indian Premier League?

Eight teams that play in the Indian Premier League includes:

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Kings XI Punjab
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

Previous teams included:

  • Deccan Chargers
  • Pune Warriors India
  • Rising Pune Supergiant
  • Gujarat Lions
  • Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Betting on the Indian Premier League

You can bet on much more than which team will win the Indian Premier League. You can wager on the number of wickets, top run-scorers, method of wickets, and lots of other bets.

You can also wager on individual games within the round-robin and final playoff stages. As well as betting on the outright winners, you can wager on over/under wickets, most run-outs, wicket methods, highest opening partnerships, and more.

IPL Live Scores

There are many cricket websites that can keep you up to date with IPL live scores. YouTube is one of them – this was the first-ever sporting event to be streamed live on YouTube. However, you can also see the live scores on ComeOn! As the match unfolds, scores will be updated, and the odds of each outcome will change in real-time.

All well as publishing IPL live scores, you can view historical stats to try to spot a pattern which the bookmakers have missed. If nothing else, these stats can help you make more educated bets. That’s especially true when it comes to in-play betting on the IPL.

Before risking your hard-earned cash, why not have a look at the stats centre and see if the data matches your intuition? Quite often, this confirmation can be enough to help you make your mind up. Doing so can also help you decide not to place a bet on a particular outcome, which is sometimes just as important as picking the winners.

IPL Ranking

For the latest IPL rankings, we’d recommend visiting the IPL20 website or visiting our cricket stats centre. You can find stats like historical winners, batting leaders, bowling leaders, and more.

Who are the historical winners? These are the results since the tournaments began:

  • Indian Premier League 2008 – Rajasthan Royals.
  • Indian Premier League 2009 – Delhi Capitals.
  • Indian Premier League 2010 – Mumbai Indians.
  • Indian Premier League 2011 – Royal Challengers Bangalore.
  • Indian Premier League 2012 – Delhi Capitals.
  • Indian Premier League 2013 – Chennai Super Kings.
  • Indian Premier League 2014 – Kings XI Punjab.
  • Indian Premier League 2015 – Chennai Super Kings.
  • Indian Premier League 2016 – Gujarat Lions.
  • Indian Premier League 2017 – Mumbai Indians.
  • Indian Premier League 2018 – Sunrisers Hyderabad.
  • Indian Premier League 2019 – Mumbai Indians.
  • Indian Premier League 2020 – Mumbia Indians.
  • Indian Premier League 2021 – Chennai Super Kings.

India Cricket Match

The IPL isn’t the only India cricket match we offer odds on. In truth, there’s barely an event that matters that we don’t offer. From the Challenger Trophy to the Ranji Trophy to the Irani Cup, you can follow all of the action and bet on it here.

Of course, let’s not forget India’s world-class international cricket team. We offer odds on regular ICC fixtures and specific tournaments such as The Ashes and the Cricket World Cup.

India is always in with a chance of dominating any cricket match, so it’s worth a wager even when they’re the underdogs. Who can forget when India beat the West Indies in the 1983 World Cup? Whoever dared to bet big on that made a few lakhs, for certain!

Betting on an Indian Cricket Match

India cricket matches provide lots of betting opportunities. A quick and simple explanation of how to bet on an Indian cricket match is as follows:

  1. Select the match you want to bet on from the current or upcoming fixtures.
  2. Select the outcome you want to bet on. For example, you can bet on the outright winner, who will win the toss, the top batsman, and other outcomes.
  3. Click the outcome you want to bet on and enter your stake on the bet slip.
  4. Enter the amount you want to bet. Your potential losses and returns will be calculated automatically.
  5. Add any additional bets you want to make. For example, you could build an accumulator bet or place several separate bets at once.
  6. Finally, confirm the bet. Congratulations, you have now placed your first bet on an Indian cricket match.

Remember, once you have placed your bet, you can see the odds changing and the scores updating in real-time. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on these for potential in-play betting opportunities.

If you don’t understand Indian cricket odds, let us clarify with an example. If you wagered ₹1,000 at odds of 3/1 on India to win a match against Australia, you could potentially win ₹3,000. These are just example odds given for the sake of simplicity. They are not real odds, and the actual odds on an Indian victory could be quite different.

Cricket Schedule

You can usually find the most up-to-date cricket schedule in the Times of India and lots of other newspapers. However, you can also find information relating to the up-and-coming matches at ComeOn!

For example, you can view the current and upcoming fixtures in the “Daily Match List” for the next five days. You can also view the fixtures by “Top Leagues” such as the Test Matches, the Twenty20 Big League, and the Indian Premier League. You can also view them by “All Leagues” which includes the rest such as the Bangladesh Premier League T20 and the New Zealand Super Smash.

Perhaps that’s the best thing about betting on cricket at ComeOn – you can bet on the action from around the world. While some of the best cricket undoubtedly happens in India, that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to betting on local matches. Since come now is live in India you can bet on both local and international games.

Cricket World Cup

The last world cup was held in England between May and July 2019. The tournament saw TV audience records shattered as approximately 2.6 billion people around the globe tuned in to watch. This 12th World Cup saw 10 teams competing in a single round-robin group. The top 4 of the group (India, Australia, New Zealand and England) then progressed to the Semi-Finals. India faced New Zealand but struggled as the Kiwi’s took 4 wickets for just 13 runs, knocking them out. England beat Australia in the semis and then competed with New Zealand in a tight match. The Brits managed to find their feet and successfully won the cup with a Super Over of 26 to New Zealand’s 17, after their three previous defeats in the finals.

How to: Read the Odds

To bet successfully on cricket, you need to be able to identify betting value. For example, if Australia are playing India, and the bookmakers give odds of India 1.67 to win the match, then the chance of India winning the match is 59.88%. This figure is calculated by converting the decimal odds to the implied probability formula by: 1/1.67 = 0.5988 = 59.88%. This is a very useful tool as it helps you better understand in real terms probability, and consequently helps you identify the winners. There are also other different basic formulas to help you understand which bets are worthwhile wagering and once you have got to grips with them, your chances of winning should improve. You can find the best cricket odds here.

Indian National Cricket Team

The Team In Blue, or Team India has become a force to be reckoned with over the last decades. Team India are governed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and is a full-time member of the International Cricket Council (ICC), One-Day International (ODI) and has status with Twenty20 International (T201). In 2019, the ICC ranked the Indian team as first in Tests, second in the ODI’s and fifth in T201s, whilst the team has, in the past, been stronger in home matches than international ones, the tide is changing. As of June 2019, India is ranked 1st in Test matches by the ICC and is the only country to have won the 60-over, 50-over and 20-over World Cups!

On an individual level, Indian players are amongst the greatest cricket legends. The legendary Sourav Ganguly is the most successful Indian cricket captain. He notably won Man of the Match awards four consecutive times in One Day International cricket, an unmatched feat. Other world-class players include Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar, both widely regarded as some of the best batsmen in the world. Another fascinating piece of trivia is Indian wicket keeper, Prabir Sen, of Bengal, who was the only wicket keeper in the world to have stumped the incredible Sir Donald Bradman of Australia. Currently, Team India boasts some of the world’s best players with the country consistently producing more top talent thanks to some amazing training academies.

When was the first cricket test match?

The first cricket test match ever played was between England and Australia and took place between the 15th and 19th March 1877. The game took place in Melbourne, Australia and saw Australia as the victors, winning the match by 45 runs. A test match was held to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of that first ever cricket test match in 1977. Coincidentally, the match was between England and Australia in Melbourne, and finished with the Australians beating the English by exactly the same number of runs as the original match. The first ever-Indian cricket test match took place against England at Lord’s cricket ground on the 25th June 1932. They lost by 158 runs to England and had to wait until 1952 for their first test victory.

Test status are granted to countries by the ICC (originally founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference). There are currently only 12 countries with test status, with the dates in brackets indicating when they received test status: England (1877) Australia (1877), South Africa, (1889) West Indies (1928), New Zealand (1930), India (1932), Pakistan (1952), Sri Lanka (1982), Zimbabwe (1992), Bangladesh (2000), Ireland (2018) and Afghanistan (2018). Considered a test of physical and mental endurance, test matches usually last 5 days and span 4 innings. In 2015, after a long period of discussion, the first day-night test match during New Zealand’s tour to Australia was a great success and has been repeated. Test cricket has continued to evolve, going from strength to strength over the years.

Live Cricket Streaming

Many cricket matches are not available on regular commercial television channels. Hence, live streaming of cricket matches was introduced to be able to allow more fans to watch worldwide and it is now a common practice. With many people having high-speed Internet access, watching live events in high definition (HD) is easy and convenient.

It also supports the huge interest in betting on cricket matches that has exploded in recent years. But where can you best watch live streamed matches? Well, there are many Indian online casino sites that include sportsbooks and offer live streaming of cricket matches. To access live-streaming services, you are usually required to make a minimum deposit or place a small bet on the event that you want to watch.

Most of the live-streamed events can be accessed via your mobile phone. However, you should note that even though the event is live, there is usually a slight delay of around 5 to 10 seconds, so punters who attend the match in person are at a slight advantage over those not in physical attendance. It is important that you have a good 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection and make sure that any firewalls or security software will permit access when you are trying to watch a live-streamed event.

Some bookmakers will require a broadband connection speed of 512kbp/s or more. And don’t forget that when watching live streaming, this is not to be copied without the permission of the company that filmed the footage.

Cricket Betting Apps

Are you searching for the very best cricket betting apps for Indian players? Then look no further, the ComeOn gambling app has everything you need. Sleek design, lightning speed, download the Comeon app today.

Women’s Cricket World Cup

Cricket isn’t just a man’s game. Women’s cricket has been played internationally since 1934, when an English team toured New Zealand and Australia for the first test matches. Different venues in England hosted the inaugural tournament in 1973, which was held two years before the first men’s Cricket World Cup! The most recent Women’s World Cup tournament was held in London in 2017, where England beat runners-up India by just 9 runs. However, it is India’s batting superstar, Smriti Mandhana who in 2019 tops the ICC batting rankings. India also has multiple sportsbooks that offer bets for women’s cricket, but you’ll find superb odds here, where you can place a wager on the Women’s Cricket Super League and other main cricketing events.

Live cricket match watch online and enjoy

Thanks to live cricket matches that you can watch on TV and online, cricket has become more accessible than ever before to audiences worldwide. It has also become a very popular sport to bet on, hence the dramatic rise in the availability of cricket matches on sportsbooks worldwide. Punters in India cannot only enjoy wagering on superb international matches, domestic tournaments also feature prominently in sportsbooks. Due to the rise in Internet connectivity in India, the number of Indian’s visiting online sportsbooks in the coming years is also expected to rise. Connected to this, is the sheer fun of wagering on sports event and there’s no better sport to wager on than cricket, the nation’s favourite sport.