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FIFA eNations Cup: The Next Big Thing in 2020

Are you missing the energy and buzz around football? The world has gone shut due to the pandemic for quite a long time now. There has been restlessness and chaos in the minds of football fanatics. After the premier league got suspended, there was not much hope for football lovers. This is because they were eagerly waiting to place bets on their favourite clubs. 

However, the next few days will see the excitement rustling back in, as the FIFA eNations Cup 2020 unfolds. Quarantine and lockdown over the world have given enough time on hands for FIFA gamers to polish their skills. This May, the world will see the FIFA eNations Cup reveal its finest players.

The pandemic has hit everyone differently

A worldwide shut down has taken a toll on mind and bodies of people. Never before has the world witnessed such a crisis in all aspects of lifestyle. Youngsters were used to going out for a beer to watch a football league. They have had to sit at home and make-do with the highlights from their favourite games now. 

On the other hand, gamers argue that they are having a great time. With the whole day to sit and brush up their skills, they can now focus on tricks they weren’t able to pay attention to before.

FIFA inter-nation tournament makes a debut

Making the most of the opportunity, top FIFA gamers from around the world are elated now. They have finally gotten a chance to show the world what they are best at. FIFA has announced its inter-nation tournament – FIFA eNations Cup to be held in spring 2020! FIFA lovers around the world have marked their calendar to experience the teams battle against each other.

The FIFA committee might just make its biggest online breakthrough this time as news unravels around the tournament. The majority of the audience is made up of college students and school kids. They don’t have any homework or exam schedule. Thus, they will be more than eager and happy to watch the 2-day long tournament!

An awaited event in the sports sector

Being the most awaited event for sports fans, the tournament will see some FIFA lovers show off their long-practised skills to win the grand prize. The competition has brought back the thrill and nail gripping energy around fans.  The first inaugural event for FIFA eNations Cup was held in 2019. The world’s best FIFA nations will be playing against each other in neck-to-neck games with Copenhagen hosting the second FIFA eNations Cup from 22nd to 24th May 2020. So, mark the dates!

A digital equivalent of the biggest tournament for the fans

The tournament is a digital equivalent of the FIFA world cup. 24 qualifying teams compete amongst one another to win the FIFA eWorld Cup title along with a stunning cash prize and 2000 Global Series Points. The participating countries and players will compete in 1V1 (individual) and 2V2 (team) matches on PlayStation as well as Xbox during the group stage. The top two teams from each group will then head towards the knockout rounds.

As Danish fans wait in excitement to experience it live for the first time, Denmark will host the FIFA eNations 2020 tournament. Upon this, the director of eFootball and Gaming, Christian Volk said: “As a nation rich in eSports history and with an exciting and enthusiastic fan base, Denmark and the DBU were a natural choice to host the FIFA eNations Cup in 2020.” 

After the inaugural event was an incredible success in 2019 in London, everybody is now gearing up to bring the FIFA eNations Cup to Denmark. Thereby enhancing the excitement and passion of the teams as well as fans. An international and innovative team format like that of FIFA eNations Cup is going to be a treat for the Danish fans amidst the pandemic. 

The excitement in every element of the event

Kenneth Reeh, Acting CEO at the DBU, said: “We’re very proud that Copenhagen has been selected to host the FIFA eNations Cup 2020 and are looking forward to welcoming players and fans to a big and hopefully memorable event.” He also mentioned that the team enjoyed being a part of the inaugural event in London last year. Now, they are even more delighted as about the tournament. It’s because the team will be playing the tournament matches on home soil, that is, in Copenhagen. The eSports industry is a famous one in Denmark. Therefore, the thrill is too much, and the idea of having a live audience has been exciting. 

The tournament will air on EA Sports and all FIFA Digital’s platforms. To stay more engaged, one can also stay updated on FIFA eWorld Cup Twitter. On Twitter, there will be exclusive photos, interactions and videos. Tune in on 22nd May to witness the event commence!