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Follow these tips to master Online Roulette and win!

Roulette is one such game that you must have come across in person or movies, as it has been shown a lot in movies. The ball spinning in the roulette wheel and your chips placed on the betting table is what a game of roulette looks like. Well, playing roulette is not that simple as it requires an equal set of luck, mind and guesswork.

If trying roulette was always on your bucket list, we say there’s no better time than today! With everything shifting to online, it is much easier and faster to get access to a roulette game and its variations from the comfort of your home. Before you dig deep into the game, let us take you through the gameplay and a few other things that might come in handy.

How to play Roulette?

The game starts with the player placing their bets on the roulette table before the allotted time. The ComeOn dealer will release the ball in the spinning roulette wheel, and when the ball comes to rest, the winning number is disclosed. If you have placed your bet covering that number, you win the round.

You will come across 3 classic variations – European roulette, American roulette, and French roulette on ComeOn along with a few other variations thanks to the internet.

Betting Types:

While playing online roulette at ComeOn, you can play Inside Bets and Outside Bets that cover distinct sets of number.

Inside Bets – covers the numbered part of the roulette table, and it has some more breakups.

  • Straight Up – Placing a bet on any single number from 0 to 36
  • Street Bet – Placing a bet on the number at the end of the row, covering all the 3 sequential numbers of that row. (For example – 7, 8, and 9)
  • Corner Bet – Placing a bet on the corner/cross where four numbers intersect, covering all the four numbers.
  • Split Bet – Placing a bet on two alongside numbers – vertically or horizontally.
  • Line Bet – Placing a bet at the end of two adjacent rows will cover 6 numbers.

Outside Bets – covers the special boxes placed on the roulette table, and it has some more breakups. Keep in mind that the number ‘zero’ is not part of any Outside bet.

  • Column Bet – Placing a bet on the boxes marked “2 to 1” covers all the 12 numbers within it.
  • Dozen Bet – Placing a bet on the boxes marked “1-12, 13-24, or 25-36,” covers all the numbers above it.
  • Even/Odd – Placing a bet on even/odd boxes will cover all the numbers belonging to the particular group.
  • Field Bet – Placing a bet on the boxes “1-18, 19-36” covers all the number within that group.
  • Red/Black – Placing a bet on the red or black section covers all the 18 numbers of that colour group.

Top 5 Roulette tips you must follow:

  1. Don’t chase losses as this can make you end up in more enormous debts and losses.
  2. Have a pre-planned budget and spending limit, as this will help you invest only a fixed amount regardless of whether you are winning or losing.
  3. Know your odds, as this will give you the upper hand and help you place your bets accordingly.
  4. Start with small bets so that you understand the game within the first few rounds and can place winning bets in the future.
  5. Choose a trusted site to play roulette and don’t get carried away into some fake website as this may cost you a fortune!
  6. Try out strategies that can help you maximize your bets and increase your winning chances.

Try out your favourite Roulette game online at ComeOn and grab the mind-blowing offers they have for you. Register now!