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Formula One Esports Instills Excitement In Fans

Formula One fans gear themselves up as the F1 Esports goes live! The racing tournament is open to anyone who is up for testing their driving skills in the virtual world. The tournament is a virtual equivalent of Formula One, the biggest racing tournament in the world. The tournament can be played by anyone who owns a PC, Xbox or PS 4. 

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the world seems to have stopped. The only ray of hope in these times for sports and racing fans are electronic tournaments. It is what has kept them going and enthusiastic. The F1 Esports challenge is seeing many faces from around the world compete in the challenge. Added advantages being the practice they are getting from staying in, these gamers are all fired up. It is safe to say “buckle up,” as these drivers step on accelerators and zoom their way to victory. 

Who will take part in the challenges? 

The Challenge Lando race was held in March, which featured McLaren’s Lando Norris while the Challenge Williams was in April, showcasing Williams duo George Russell and Nicholas Latifi. In the third challenge after the series, we will see Rosberg and Coulthard battle against each other on the track. 

Nico Rosberg is the 2016 World Drivers’ Champion, and 0will be making a comeback after his big win in 2016. Accompanying him will be ex McLaren and Red Bull driver David Coulthard. Robert Doornbos, former Red Bull driver and Roberto Carlos, the Brazilian footballer, will be joining them. 

How will the challenges work? 

The first challenge will be a One on One between two cars, in one lap shoot out. Being the best of three, the one who wins two rounds will be the qualifier. Coulthard and Carlos will be the first ones going up against each other on the Interlagos circuit. These will be followed by Rosberg and Doornbos, who will compete for the final round. The winners of the two rounds will go head to head to win the challenge in the finals. The losers will battle it out for the third place in Austria. 

The Defending Crown

The second challenge, called the Defending Crown, will see the same four contenders play in reverse order of the first challenge. It will be a five-lap race—three points for the win, two points for second place and one for third place. The race will take you to Abu Dhabi, where Nico Rosberg won his 2016 world championship with Mercedes. 

The Influencer Grid

Challenge three will be the influencer grid. It will show a grid of influencers, and content creators take on Coulthard and Rosberg around a circuit. The 25% race will have the duo at the front. The challenge is to hold the chasers back and go for the big title. With 9 points to grab in total, the breakdown is interesting. Like before, it’s one for Bottom Five, two for the Runners Up, and three points to triumph. 

There is also a bonus point for the fastest lap. What is interesting about this challenge is the opportunity it gives the viewers to contribute to the race. The circuit will depend upon a voting system by viewers on Twitch. This is great to keep the fans interested and make the event interactive. So, if you want to be an active part of the challenge, make sure you are watching the live! 

Time to tune in!

The three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart will be announcing the challenges. He is also the ambassador for Heineken. The event will be aired at 6 pm EST on Sunday, 17th May. You can watch it on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Tune in to watch the legends go head to head and storm their way to the top!