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Free Bet for Indian Players

For loyal Indian gamblers, some of the distinguished and available Free bet offers can be obtained from many online betting sites. ComeOn!, for instance, is a very good example of such casinos online.

Other types of online gambling bonuses:

What are Free Bets and How Do They Work

Some betting sites give out free bets as a promotional form of advertisement and marketing. The free bet avails a player the opportunity to bet without his money involved. This money can be converted to real money and cashed out if the player wins the bet. A free bet is free. In other words, you bear no risk. Rather than you bearing the loss, the betting site bears the risk of loss. 

Sometimes, some betting sites may give out free bets in the form of a welcome bonus for new players. Sometimes, it may be given to loyal customers from time to time. This is one of the most effective strategies used by betting markets to entice new customers and hold loyal customers. Before one becomes an active player in a betting game, it is advisable for one to firstly play around using the free betting alternatives.

It must however be noted that free bets are not the same as sign-up bonuses. Though some betting sites offer all free bets as sign-up bonuses, this is still very much debatable. 

The individuals who determine odds and receive and pay off bets do not allow players to hold the free bet money. Nevertheless, gamblers can cash out their gains. Whether or not other wagering requirements and rules will be included is at the discretion of the betting sites. In some cases, whenever a player wins, the free bets will be staked multiple times before the player can cash out the money. This is where the wagering requirement comes in.

Some betting markets offered at ComeOn!: 

How can you get a Free Bet

Getting a free bet is not difficult. Several betting sites offer free bets. To participate in free bets today, ComeOn! Casino has a great online Sportsbook to start.

Can I use Free Bets to bet on cricket

Yes, you can use a free bet bonus to wager on various sports as long as it is available on the sportsbook in question. Nevertheless, free bets are not available to play online casino games or online live casino.

What can I use my free bet on

As long as it is available on the sportsbook, you can use the free bets with no restrictions. However, some free bets are only useful in unique tournaments. 

Is the ‘Free Bet’ Really Free?

Free bets are really and entirely free. You do not need to stake any personal money. For some betting sites, you may not be able to cash out winnings unless you deposit. However, there may be betting sites that may request you to deposit some money before offering you a free bet. 

Free bet calculator

The Free bet calculator is a special calculator used in online sport betting for calculating stakes and gains for a bet.

Can I withdraw money that I won on a free bet

The truth is, you may or may not be able to withdraw any money you win on a free bet. You may have to meet up with some wagering requirements first. That is, you may be required to gamble your earnings multiple times before you can cash out. Whereas, some betting sites could grant you the freedom to have your free bet gains.

Understanding the terms and conditions

Before you accept a free bet offer, you must know and understand the terms and conditions regarding it. Most free bets can be bait to attract new customers. Usually, some terms and conditions must be met or fulfilled. These terms and conditions are often detailed explicitly. You have to read and understand them carefully.

Generally, you must use a free bet before  7 days, else you may forfeit it. There could be limits to your winnings also. Before you sign up, ensure that you have enough clarity regarding these terms and conditions. 

Tips and strategies on choosing a Free Bet Offer

Before you choose a free debt offer;

  1. Check the date the free bet will expire. Come up with a detailed budget. This is because most free bets are usually short-termed. Most times, the expiration does not exceed three months, although the expiration date may vary with betting sites.
  2. To attract new customers, marketers ensure that they give a significant betting amount to players. Nevertheless, this amount does not annul your betting odds. Most times, the higher the amount, the more complex the terms and conditions. You have to shine your eyes well before choosing high betting amounts.
  3. The wagering requirements that you must meet are another major factor. The requirements differ with betting sites. Some can be relaxing while some can be severe. It is advisable to opt for another betting site if you think you cannot meet certain wagering requirements.

Advantages of Free Bets

Some of the benefits of free bets include;

  1. Experience gain: Since you are not risking any personal money, you are at liberty to experiment as much as possible. The more you experiment, the better you are at the game.
  2. There is fear and panic when your money is at risk. This may result in poor betting performance, because practicing a new game strategy may be too risky and expensive. But with free money, practice is unlimited. This way, you can master your strengths and weaknesses. 
  3. You are more likely to discover more free bet options if you are a loyal player.

Disadvantages of Free Bets

Some of the downsides of free bets are; 

  1. You may not be able to meet the wagering requirements. 
  2. There are restrictions on the type of bet for different betting sites.
  3. You may be required to pay a token before receiving a free bet.
  4. You may not be able to know, interpret or understand the terms and conditions surrounding a betting site.
  5. A free bet may turn you into a gambling addict. 

Types of Free Bets offer for New customers

Different customers may find various free bet offers like; 

  1. No Deposit-Free Bets. 

These types of bets are uncommon. They do not request deposits on new customers. 

  1. Free Bet Sign Up Offers

This type of bet requires you to deposit a minimum amount before you can qualify for a free bet.

  1. Enhanced Odds Betting Sign Up Offers

This is one of the commonest types of odds for new customers. The betting sites usually give out part or all of the earnings to the players as free bets instead of cash. 

Free bet offers for existing customers

Some of the special free bet offers for existing customers include; Consolation prizes, Justice payments, and loyalty bonuses. The essence of these free bet offers is to encourage and entice existing and loyal customers to deposit more of their series. 


For amazing free bets offers, you can visit ComeOn! Betting site today. Take advantage of these free bets, not forgetting how to choose the best free bets offers and the terms and conditions surrounding them.