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NASCAR – The Next Big Thing Amid Coronavirus

This Sunday saw one of the biggest sporting events come back to life. COVID-19 has spread a lot of negativity around. In these times, it is important to stay connected to people and do things you love. This season is going to give racing fans just the right amount of joy and thrill. After the mundane period of the two-month-long break from sports, NASCAR is here to get your adrenaline rushing.

What’s the hype around NASCAR

Officials are hoping to see a lot more new people joining in for the races. Sports enthusiasts are eager for content to keep their blood flowing. NASCAR will surely give them a chance to get back in spirit and cheer. Being one of the first major sports events to return to action, racing lovers are all geared up in motion. 

Unfortunately, for fans, it will be only a virtual experience, although something is better than nothing. The energy and enthusiasm will be over the top for this event.

NASCAR started on Sunday and will be held at Darlington on Tuesday and Wednesday as well. There will be four races over its three series in Charlotte. May 30th and 31st will see its return to Bristol. The races in June are scheduled to take place in Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

NASCAR goes big on safety rules with a $50,000 fine

“We are working with a lot of public health officials as well, making sure we are not only returning to racing but doing it safely and responsibly as well,” said Ben Kennedy, Vice President of Racing Development. 

 There will be strict health measures taken, of course. Everyone will be required to pass a health test. Sanitation kits will be given to the limited crew members and media. To be on the safe side, the drivers are asked to report a few hours earlier to the track. They will undergo health and temperature checks. A two-hour span will allow any backup driver to drive down to Darlington in case it is required. A fine of $50,000 will be charged for those who disobey the safety restrictions. 

“That’s the recommendation by NASCAR for the traveling teams to stay as isolated as they can and try to keep everybody at the race track as healthy as we can. That’s the protocol we put into place, and that’s what we’ve been abiding by.” Said Knaus, a winning crew chief.

What you can expect to see at NASCAR 2020

NASCAR has shortly suspended nearly two months ago due to COVID19. The return of the season will showcase 20 races, with 9 in the elite series. It will run four times over 11 days in North and South Carolina.

The season which opened on 17th February caused a closed head injury to Ryan Newman on his last lap. However, he escaped the accident and was taken care of immediately. Missing three races, later on, followed by the two-month break, was disheartening for his fans. On Sunday, he will fasten his seatbelt again for the race. He will be driving the fiery Roush Fenway Racing’s no. 6 Ford. He said he felt like a walking miracle after recovering fully and getting back in the game.

What is interesting about the races is that the drivers will step on the accelerator without any practice. The restrictions of COVID didn’t allow anyone on the road or track. The cars will warm up for a few pace laps, and the race will commence after. B. Keselowski will be at the first grid, followed by A. Bowman with a Chevrolet 88 and other 38 racers.

“We went down and did about 30 laps total at speed. We did two five-lap runs and then kind of checked the tires out and then put another set of tires on for a 20-lap run and wanted to see how I felt in the car,” Newman said.

You can watch the live stream of the race on NBC and Fox.