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Nodwin fires kRaT Over Objectionable Conduct

Mannu ‘kRaT’ Karki, a well-known esports Caster, analyst, host and anchor was terminated by Nodwin Gaming after he was found indulging in extremely offensive language in a CS: GO game.

Nodwin  Gaming is India’s leading esports company that organises various offline and online tournaments. The company operates on a high profile, partnering with prestigious names like Mercedes Benz, Amazon, and Tencent games among many other prestigious names. Mannu was employed at Nodwin as a presenter and commentator at Nodwin until the recent allegations surfaced.

In a game of CS: GO, kRaT and his team offensively abused their opponent team.

While trash-talking and abusing may be observed as an integral part of esports and gaming, the remarks made by Mannu were ruthless and cacophonous. Rushant, a member of the opponent team, was subjected to a number of abuses that involved casteist remarks and threats of violence. kRaT and his team members went as far as threatening to kidnap, attack and even rape the family members of the opponent team.

Rushant and his teammates were psychologically traumatized by the rants and abused. Rushant was quick to respond by posting about the threats and abuses by kRaT and his teammates on a Facebook group dedicated to CS: GO’s community in India. The post was supported by evidence of the abuse in a log file.

Nodwin gaming responded as soon as they heard about the incident. They responded by immediately firing kRaT from his post and making the announcement public via a Facebook post followed by a Twitter post. Such indecent behaviours are unacceptable for a figure as big as kRaT, who is well known in the Indian gaming industry.

The Indian gaming community is currently the world’s fastest-growing gaming community in the world and such behaviours by top personalities promote violence and abuses among the newcomers in the industry. Moreover, such incidents also paint a bad image of the Indian gaming community in the global community.

Nodwin’s move to immediately fire kRaT was well received by the Indian gaming community as they too felt that incident promoted unacceptable and abusive behaviours.