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Pearson to offer world’s first esports B.Tech

The British Esports Association has partnered with Pearson, an education publishing and assessment service based in London, to offer a B.Tech degree in esports. Given that esports is estimated to generate a revenue of $1.1 billion in 2020 with the total audience set to rise to 495m, it was about time that esports was formally recognized and young talent was nurtured.

Starting in September 2020, students can take up the degree to provide a headstart to a career in esports. Moreover, a formal degree will render esports as a legible career path for thousands of aspiring gamers around the world.

“Esports is a growing, exciting industry that many young people are looking at with interest and it’s important they have the opportunity to unlock their potential and be the leaders of tomorrow,” commented Andy Payne, chairman of British Esports Association.

He further said that “We have taken our time to ensure the qualifications are as comprehensive and high quality as possible, in order to provide students with a valuable qualification that will give them the knowledge and skills they need to pursue a career in esports, video games, tech or other related sectors.”

The course is designed very carefully and contains 20 units varying from entrepreneurship, event management, live streaming, law, computer networking and much more that is needed for a successful career in esports. There is a dedicated coaching unit where students can learn “specific game tactics” to master games such as League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League among many others.

The strategy and analysis unit will teach essential survival skills in esports such as “map awareness, rotational play, objective control, ability timers”, as well as “individual mechanical play, ability to hit skillshots” and “reaction times”.