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PUBG is Now Available on Google Stadia

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, one of the world’s most popular battle royale is now available on Stadia, Google’s video game streaming service. The game will be free to play for Stadia Pro subscribers while the non-pro member will have to purchase the game, priced at $60. Although Google Stadia is currently not available in India, the company is committed to expanding its service to more countries in 2020.

The game will support keyboard and mouse as well as controllers, including the Stadia Pro Controller, to play the game. Stadia will allow you to play on your mobile, computer, TVs and any other device that is supported by Stadia. One of the best parts about the game on Stadia is that the players will be able to cross-play with their friends on different consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One in the same matchmaking pool. Unfortunately, there’s no support for console and PC crossover yet.

In the early reviews of Google Stadia, where the service was played in ideal conditions with a stable and fast broadband connection, a lag of a few microseconds was observed. Google is dedicated to eliminating the lag and making the gameplay as smooth as possible in the future. However, one must keep in mind that Stadia is quite different as compared to traditional gaming machines. Stadia takes the input from the players, sends it to its remote servers where the inputs are processed and the output is sent to the user’s display. In a traditional gaming machine, all this happens locally so there isn’t any such lag.

While a few seconds might not sound much, these few microseconds make the difference between victory and loss in a fast-paced game such as PUBG.

Furthermore, one must not forget the fact that the reason behind PUBG’s immense popularity in the Indian market is its mobile support. Most of the players who play the game are reluctant to invest in dedicated gaming hardware and mobile provides a gateway to enter the gaming world. An additional benefit is a fact that PUBG is free on mobile as compared to the $60 price tag on Stadia’s marketplace.

So while Google Stadia isn’t coming to India any time soon, it will have a tough time to promote and sell PUBG whenever it does enter the Indian market.