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Snapdeal partners with Gamezop to add games on its platform

E-commerce giant Snapdeal has partnered with Gamezop, a Delhi NCR based video game developer, to add games and mini-games on its site to increase traffic and engagement. The developer’s top-performing titles such as Tower Twist, Battle Fish, Sticky Goo and Savage Revenge among many others are now available on Snapdeal’s website and app.

Users may not download any third-party apps or any standalone apps to play the games, all they need is Snapdeal’s app. Each game offers a challenge to the users and upon achieving that challenge, discount codes are unlocked which can be used to shop on Snapdeal. Snapdeal commented that adding video games and achievements is an effort to drive high engagements from shoppers.

“Snapdeal’s penetrating reach across India has fascinated us for a long while. We are extremely excited to play our part in increasing time spent and transactions on their platforms,” remarked Manpreet Randhawa, head of partnerships, Gamezop.

From a gamer’s point of view, it’s an interesting partnership wherein a monetary, or rather sub-monetary value has been put on a video game’s achievements. Previously, the achievements in video games were mostly just virtual badges and trophies.

However, it’s also worth noticing that these games are casual mobile games that are made for a wide audience, so for hardcore gamers, there won’t be a huge replayability value or rather a playability value in the first place purely from a gamer’s perspective.

From a shoppers’ perspective, it’s an interesting move that is certain to drive up the engagement.